Art of Creating a Home for Your Bird 

Birds are well known to be very sensitive to environmental conditions. Especially when they are kept in captivity, they need meticulous care to feel safe and comfortable, so that they would breed and have healthy long lives. It is crucial to design the right type of bird house for different species of birds thus, our species specific avian breeding nests are designed based on scientific research in order to provide not only the right but also high quality, pure wood and scientifically most favourable breeding nests for different kinds of birds.

• All of our sturdy bird houses are hand- made of untreated wood to make solid and long lasting nests while protecting the birds that are well known to be extremely sensitive to environmental pollutants.

• Our avian breeding nests are built according to the perfect size to give your bird space to nest comfortably while feeling safe. If the nest doesn’t have enough space, the young would harm each other and wouldn’t be able to move around and exercise in the nest. If the nest is too big, then the birds won’t feel safe since it will have a feeling of being less protected from predators. We provide your bird with the most optimum space possible.

• The shape and size of the entry hole of the nest is as important as that of the nest itself in order to ensure the comfort and safety of your bird. Our species specific entry hole designs are scientifically proven to be the most favourable one for your bird.

• Our nests protect your birds not only from predators but also from rain, sun and heat. The ideal thickness of the walls helps in regulating the thermal insulation of the nest preventing it from getting both too cold and too hot. This way we protect eggs and young from extreme temperatures.

• Solid wooden roof of the nest helps to regulate the temperature and with its sloped design it makes the water runoff easily.

• Two drainage holes are integrated into the design to help the water runoff and to increase the air circulation in the nest.

• The rough surface of the inside walls ensures a better grip for the birds. Besides, our nests use wooden strips instead of steel nets as internal stairs for the birds preventing any injuries.

• The smooth surface of the outside walls keeps the pests away.

• Our nests include an outdoor perch. It facilitates the feeding of young by the adults as well as the encounter of the chicks with the external world for the first time. Besides, it gives viewing options to watch the birds.