House of Taj is a private boutique of Indian businessman Tejas Mathur who besides being an antique explorer and collector is a designer and a craftsman.

Tejas purchases of wood, steel and stone structures from several historical princely states of pre-British India and meticulously creates and curates his collection of house decor with a multicultural touch from Scandinavia to Middle-East.

His boutique represents steel and reclaimed teak wood design artefacts that Tejas handcrafted using mixed media technique, the artefacts that he collected during his travels all around the world, as well as his selection and commission of high-quality apparels and objects.

Coming from a family of scientists and being a nature lover, Tejas keeps his family tradition of bird watching up and creates species specific avian houses to attract and welcome birds in his gardens.

Through uniquely designed and handcrafted products and antique collections of House of Taj boutique, we invite you to explore and enjoy an exclusive taste.