Welcome to the house of uniquely designed products and antique objects.

House of Taj collection consists of handcrafted furniture, antique and decorative objects. Expressing a multicultural taste from Scandinavian simplicity in design to Middle-Eastern finesse in details, House of Taj is a design brand that mainly highlights the stylish Indian vintage.

India which was known as The Golden Bird (Sone ki Chidiya) during the pre-British era, is one of the world’s most richest lands in civilisation with its vast spiritual and philosophical knowledge and pluralistic culture. The unique aesthetic that this fertile land gave birth is captured and revitalised in House of Taj collection.

The luxury products of House of Taj are designed and created by an Indian craftsman and antique collector to blend his culture with the world. In the global world of the increasing social speed in every aspect of life for the sake of financial profit, House of Taj enjoys the luxury of slowness in design and in production in order to attain the exclusive quality it stands behind. 

Being in dialogue with its patrons to customize its products according to the preferences of their future owners is another feature that reveals the particularity of House of Taj design that represents the taste of slow luxury.

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